SPiCE Skillbuilding Scoop: Organization, Prioritization, Flexibility, Working Memory, Self-Monitoring, OH MY!

Summary by: Erin Russell, CCC-SLP                                                             Those are intimidating words that define the five major areas of executive function. Children are supposed to develop these skills throughout their academic career, starting in their Preschool years! …Read More

SPiCE Skillbuilding Scoop: Study Strategies

One of the most daunting tasks your child will undertake in middle school is studying.  Try not to let them get overwhelmed by all of the information they must remember or apply.  Help them find a way to organize it all.   Study tips:   Think of your learning strengths before deciding on a study technique.     Organize…Read More

SPiCE Skillbuilding Scoop: Homework Help

Homework Help By Megan Sobecki, Intervention Specialist While the beginning of the school year can bring about familiar routines, it can also bring with it the frustration of homework time. Whether your student struggles with a certain subject, organization, or time management, we hope these strategies and systems will provide your family with beneficial ideas…Read More