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SPiCE Skillbuilding Scoop: Study Strategies

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One of the most daunting tasks your child will undertake in middle school is studying.  Try not to let them get overwhelmed by all of the information they must remember or apply.  Help them find a way to organize it all.  

Study tips:  

  • Think of your learning strengths before deciding on a study technique.    
  • Organize your study space.
  • Use flow charts and diagrams
  • Take regular breaks (study for 30min, then take a 5 min break).
  • Snack on brain food (nuts, seeds, yogurt, blueberries)
  • Practice with old exams or tests.


Books Resources to Use:

  • Executive Functions, A Blueprint For Success Guide (Middle School, 2nd edition)
  • S-O-A-R Study Skills, by Susan Wood


Website Resources:

Registration Open for Hounds Hoopla (formerly Pizza Bingo)

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Register now for Hounds Hoopla taking place Friday, January 24 from 6-8:30!

This is a great family event at Saint Brigid of Kildare School! There will be many new items this year, including:

  • A DJ
  • A magician
  • Integrity gymnastics
  • Frozen character visits
  • Crafts
  • A special 6th-8th grade only DJ party time

Along with many of the previous activities, including pizza and bingo of course!

Donations Needed:

Hounds Hoopla donations are now being accepted. A donation box will be in the main office area outside the nurse’s office. Hounds Hoopla relies 95% on donations from families to make this another successful family fun night.

Great donation item ideas include: gift cards for the older kids in $10-$20 amounts, crafts, stuffed animals, games, sports equipment like soccer balls, plastic bats and balls, little kids ball gloves, and nail polish. Anything new, unopened or in like new condition we would look forward to having for the prize tables.

Volunteers Needed:

If it weren’t for volunteers (including our Bingo Callers) this event would not be possible!


Register Now:

Registration is now open! The cost is $25 per family, which includes one large pizza, as well as chips, desserts and drinks for your family. Additional large pizzas are available to purchase for $8 each.

Tickets must be purchased by Monday, January 20.


Diocese Tuition Assistance Application – Deadline March 15, 2020

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factsApplications for Diocese of Columbus Tuition Assistance for the 2020-21 school year must be submitted and verified by March 15, 2020.

To be considered for the Diocese of Columbus Tuition Assistance Program:

  1. You must be registered in one of the Diocesan schools by March 15, 2020.
  2. The Diocese will only accept ONLINE APPLICATIONS (, the application must be submitted and verified by March 15, 2020 and supporting documentation must be postmarked by March 15, 2020. (Please file early in case additional documentation is requested by FACTS.)
  3. Payment of the $35.00 application fee must accompany the application.
  4. Only one application per family is required.
  5. Please note there is no tuition assistance available for preschool.

New Family Applications Now Open for 20-21

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Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open, with an on-time application deadline of January 19, 2020. Application instructions and link are below. Families will be notified of admission status via email on January 21, 2020.

Our Open House will be Sunday, January 12, 2020 from 3-5 PM.

Click here for all details.

SPICE Skillbuilding Scoop: What Has Happened to Play?

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What Has Happened to Play?

Play has changed significantly over the last several years. Remember when you were young? If your mothers were anything like ours, she probably stood in your backyard and yelled down the neighborhood calling you inside for dinner and then would do it again in 3 hours for bed! As children, we were NEVER inside. So what has changed? How is it affecting our children, and how can we as parents support our children better?

What Has Changed?

In the past fifteen years, educators and professionals have made significant strides in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of children who are different learners. However, more children are being diagnosed in schools with not only learning issues but attention and emotional issues that are impacting success in the classroom. 

Mental Statistics from 2017


Predominantly Outdoors Predominantly Indoors
Manipulatives (blocks and puzzles) Electronics
Free Play (Jungle Gyms) Structured/Guided Play (organized sports)
Little Litigation Hyper Litigation (no swings on playgrounds)
Trophies for One Trophies for All
Authoritative Parenting Friendship Parenting
Parent Directed Household Structure Child Directed Household Structure
No Social Media Social Media
Boredom allowed- sparked creative play No Time for boredom- constantly connected
Average of 2 hr. Recess throughout the day Average of 30 minute recess
Creative Play Guided Play
Movement-based play Screen Time
Child dominated play Adult directed play- organized sports
Full Sensory Exploration (barefoot) Limited Sensory Exploration “you’ll get hurt”


How is it affecting our kids?

It used to be believed that the brain was for thinking and the body was for movement. It has now been proven that movement enhances cognition. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that focuses not only on learning but also movement; it has direct neuronal path to areas of the brain involving attention, memory, and spatial perception (ALL areas impact and promote learning). 


  • Allows learners to make mistakes without consequences 
  • Enhances learning
  • Improves ability to handle stress
  • Triggers the release of neurons that boost cognition
  • Enhances social skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict reasoning

Ways to Promote Play:

Outdoors Indoors
Encourage or require daily outdoor play- even if for brief periods of time Build Forts
Hike/Walk your dog Build with block
Jump on the trampoline Play board games
Ride bikes Play cards
Play catch, basketball, wiffle ball Play with play-doh, slime
Hide and seek Hide and seek
Tag Make cookies or bake
Swing Make an obstacle course
Zip-Line Draw- while seated, while laying on stomach, or while laying on back under a table and drawing on paper
Playgrounds Dance parties
Go creeking Yoga
Swim Crafts


In conclusion, schedule play into your child’s day. Any opportunity that you can engage creatively with them will increase and foster development. However, children playing on their own fosters independence and problem-solving. Don’t be afraid of the ‘b’ word. Boredom is beneficial for the brain as boredom sparks creativity. If you would like to read more about play and how it enhances learning, click on the links below. These are the references that were used.