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Class of 2020 Graduation Awards and Scholarships Announced

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Several eighth grade students were recently honored with graduation awards and scholarships as they finished their careers at Saint Brigid of Kildare School. Congratulations to all!
Serra Award for Outstanding Service as an Altar Server – Brady Bennison, Andrew Freiburger, Ryan Huttsell, and Lexi White
Wolfhound Award – The students earning this award should be of good character. They have demonstrated a great attitude, and a tremendous love of our school. They have been consistently kind to others, and their demeanor and positive nature have made them a pleasure to have in class: Matt Drab, Maddy Lynch, Leo Walling, and Lydia Wieringa
Mother Teresa Award – This award represents the characteristics of Mother Teresa, such as courage, a Christian attitude, individualism, a commitment to service, and looking for Christ in others: Audrey Eilerman, Sophia Heise, and Justin Smith
Saint Pope John Paul II Award – This award represents the characteristics of Pope John Paul II, including a true care for others, a love of learning, patience, acceptance, and a gentle spirit: Julia Belli, Dillon Brown, Kyle White, and Addie Yarbrough
Our Lady of Good Help – This award is named for our Blessed Mother under the title of her apparition in the US in 1859. The students earning this award should represent the characteristics of Mary as disciple, including a kind and gentle spirit, an unselfish nature, patience in the face of trials, and a true love for others: Will Baumgartner, Isabella Casado Klein, and Caroline Romano
Kildarian Award – The students earning this award have embodied the mission of our school. They have been kind, caring, compassionate, and hard working. They are dedicated to their faith, to their studies, and to the service of others: Sara Goodlive, Carly Henry, and Ryan Huttsell
Bishop Griffin Service Award – This award honors students who completed over 100 hours of service during their middle school years: Andrew Freiburger, Pierre-Andre Geoffrion, Elizabeth Hohlefelder, Niki Maxwell, and Analia Sagnuolo
Bishop Watterson Academic Scholarships – Claire Davis, Pierre-Andre Geoffrion, Ryan Huttsell, and William Malerich
Saint Charles Academic Scholarships – Jacob Funkhouser, William Malerich, and Andrew Moore
The Prechtel Family/ Bishop Watterson Academic Scholarship – Avery McClain
The Bishop Brennan-Murico Family Scholarship – Caroline Romano

Go Light Your World – 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony Song

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On Friday, May 22, 2020 we celebrated our 8th grade Class of 2020 graduation with a drive-in ceremony in our parking lot. As part of this ceremony, our students recorded the annual tradition song “Go Light Your World.” Click the link below to view the beautiful recording as our children came together virtually to participate in this special tradition of Saint Brigid of Kildare School.

View Video.


Go Light Your World. Words and Music by Chris Rice. Copyright 1993 by Universal Music – MGB Songs. Music podcast by permission under #A-727122. All rights reserved.

8th Grade Drive-In Graduation Event

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Last Friday, May 22, Saint Brigid of Kildare School staff planned a drive-in graduation event to celebrate our eighth grade students and honor their hard work, leadership and commitment to our school community.
We had an unusual yet special celebration (with many rules…but it still included many of our traditions!). Families of 8th grade students drove in to the school parking lot Friday evening where we began with the graduation celebration. Following this, the graduate only was asked to step outside of the car, stand in front of his/her own car with a cell phone flashlight, and joined together in singing “Go Light Your World.” Sound for the program and the movie was played through car radios. Following the song there was a short pause, then our feature film Aladdin was shown. Families brought their own food and snacks and were asked to stay in their cars.
We were excited to have found a creative solution to celebrate our graduates, and it was so great that we were able to be together as a community — even with the many social distancing rules!
May Saint Brigid continue to bless our 8th grade students. We pray for their continued success in their high school years.

Schoolbelles Uniform Ordering Information 20-21

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Schoolbelles wants to make uniform shopping convenient for the families at St. Brigid Of Kildare and stress free for the administration! Below is a URL that will directly link your school’s website to the Schoolbelles “St. Brigid Of Kildare” shopping page. Purchases made under your school number s2649 helps you earn more towards your School Rebate.

Also, click here for a PDF copy of our school’s Buying Guide.