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Letter from Counselor Re: COVID-19

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 Jennie Statczar is a Counselor Trainee with Spirit of Peace Clinical Counseling who has been utilized in our school this year.  She recently shared this letter with our staff as a way to look at explaining and supporting families during this time of uncertainty.  Please take some time to use the information in the letter and also the link included in the letter to help further guide your home discussions.

Dear St. Brigid of Kildare School Families,

Following the shutdown of all schools in Ohio, many businesses are shutting down or having parents work from home and parents are having to explain what is happening.   The purpose of this brief letter is to help support the parents of St. Brigid School during this transition.

Discuss what is happening and use words your child already knows; this will help curve your child’s anxiety.  Your child has heard information or noticed things that are different, help them sort it through. Let them ask questions and if you’re not sure of the answers be honest.  Not talking about something can make the worry larger.  The conversation is a great opportunity for you as the parent to set an emotional tone to this situation so monitor how you respond.  If you’re feeling anxious about this, give yourself some time to calm down prior to talking with your kids.  Giving the information from an informational and reassuring place will help your child.  Some tips would be to keep in mind your child’s age, do not volunteer too much information, give your child a chance to ask questions, and let them know you are available.  Encourage your child to share what they have learned/heard, as this will help curve frightening fantasies your child may have already created.  Finally, let them know you will update them when you get more information.

Help your child see how rare the virus is. Normalize it by including the fact that the flu is more common.   See the link at the bottom of this letter for facts regarding the virus.  Share with your child what your family is doing to stay safe.  Encourage them to be involved in the plan — this will help them feel empowered rather than a victim to the virus (i.e. toss your tissues out rather than leave them laying around; wash your hands for 20 seconds).  Oh and for the face masks they are seeing — you can let them know the CDC is saying they are not necessary for most.

So now about staying home.  ROUTINE.  It would be good to establish a routine.  Stay in a similar pattern to the normal work/school week.  Get dressed, eat, do school work, incorporate physical activity, and go to bed at a normal time. 

What a great time to highlight the things we can do now that we are at home.  Give your entire family control to suggest things they would like to do with this extra together time.  Maybe pull out that game the family hasn’t played or the craft you can all do, a daily family challenge, or go on a scavenger hunt walk.   Do not forget AWAY TIME — establish a time each day to have time where everyone can go off and have quiet time (reading, nap, drawing, etc).

Reach out if you have any specific questions

Hope this helps-Jennie

614.442.7650 ext. 15

Check out this tip sheet from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

School Tuition Assistance Application – Deadline Extended to March 20, 2020

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factsApplications for Tuition Assistance for the 2020-21 school year must be submitted through the FACTS Grant and Aid portal by March 20, 2020. To be considered for Saint Brigid or the Diocese of Columbus Tuition Assistance Programs:
  • You must be registered for the 2020-21 school year by March 15, 2020.
  • You must submit your Grant and Aid application and all required financial documents by March 15, 2020. Grant and Aid applications must be complete to be considered for a tuition assistance grant.
  • You must pay the online $35 application fee.
  • You need only submit one application per family.
  • Saint Brigid does not offer tuition assistance for non-Catholic families but you may be eligible for Diocesan assistance.
  • There is no tuition assistance available for preschool.

School Closed 3/16-4/3

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Following the Governor’s statement today regarding closing all schools in the State of Ohio, and at the direction of the Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, Saint Brigid of Kildare School and Preschool will be also be closed for a three-week period beginning with closure on Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 3. As a reminder, all athletic practices and parish activities will also be canceled for the next three weeks.

Dublin City Schools has not finalized their plan for Monday yet, however at this time we are following diocesan recommendations and will not hold school on Monday.

At this time we are finalizing our distance learning plans and will continue to work with teachers on this plan on Friday and Monday. We will share more information as it is finalized.

We again ask for your prayers for those who are already impacted by this virus, those who may become infected, especially those at most risk, and for the dedication and skill of all of our health professionals working to keep us safe. We will continue to keep you updated as this situation develops.

COVID-19 Update: Parish & After School Activities Canceled

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Due to the rapidly evolving health situation concerning the spread of COVID-19 or the Coronovirus, the parish has canceled all school and parish activities (with the exception of Mass and Saint Brigid of Kildare School) at this time until April 6, 2020, or until further notice. This includes this evening’s school musical, after school study tables and ALSO programs, field trips, sports practices and activities, Crucial Conversations, and parent volunteers during the school day. Latchkey and preschool will continue as scheduled.
If you had a conference or meeting scheduled with teachers, please contact me to confirm whether or not this will be occurring.
At this time school is not closing, however we understand that this is a rapidly evolving situation. We will follow the recommendations from the State of Ohio, as well as the decisions made by Dublin City Schools and the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools. We will update you as soon as we hear if anything changes. For now, our teachers have been preparing for online learning in the case that schools do need to close.
In order to combat spread of viruses, our custodial staff have added additional cleaning and disinfecting measures, including cleaning all door handles, wash stations and drinking fountains multiple times a day. We are extending our evening cleaning crew’s hours to incorporate additional cleaning measures.
We encourage you all to take precautions as well. You can read more about steps to prevent the illness on the Center for Disease Control’s website here. The latest updates on COVID-19 in Ohio can be found on the Ohio Department of Health’s website here.
I will send emails as soon as anything changes, and we will also post the latest information on our website’s home page (, scroll to “Latest News”).
Kathy O’Reilly

Congrats Power of the Pen Team!

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The St. Brigid Power of the Pen team competed in its district tournament on Saturday against 23 other central Ohio schools. They did an amazing job and won the most total awards that we have ever earned at a single tournament.
The seventh grade team won first place, and the eighth grade team won second place. Individual seventh grade awards included Eve Worley in 10th place, Elizabeth McLaughlin in 9th, Ava Blackburn in 3rd, and Hannah Stuebe in 1st place. Individual eighth grade awards included Sara Goodlive in 13th place, Sophia Heise in 9th place and Carly Henry in 5th. The POP team will go to regionals in two weeks. Go Wolfhound Writers!