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Dr. Sax Presentation & Handout

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Dr. Sax Presentation and Handout

Thanks to the over 350 St. Brigid community parents who attended the Dr. Sax presentation on September 15. 

We have great hope that our children will benefit greatly – the stronger our parents and community become, the greater hope for our children.

Dr. Sax shared a handout with notes from his presentation that is available for our community. You can find that handout at this link.

Thank you to Jim Anderson for recording the entire presentation. If you missed it or want a refresher on something he said, you can find it at this link.

Saint Mother Teresa Room

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st-mother-teresa“I am a little pencil in the hand of God.”

That’s how the new room sign begins outside the Saint Mother Teresa room in Saint Brigid of Kildare School. Each of the group meeting rooms in the school are named after a different patron saint. The signs outside the door show a picture of the saint, his/her name, feast date, and a description about the saint. Until this week, the small group meeting room across from the gym was called the Blessed Mother Teresa room. But on the morning announcements on Tuesday, September 6, Ms. O’Reilly told the students that something changed in the school over the weekend. The first student to find what it was should inform his/her teacher and would win a prize. Knowing that Mother Teresa was canonized over the weekend, many students thought the change must have to do with that! Within 30 minutes, eighth grade students Drew Curtin and Garrett Nerone found that the old Blessed Mother Teresa room had a new sign naming it the Saint Mother Teresa room. Being the first students to find the change, they won candy for their whole homeroom!

Pictured to the right are Drew and Garrett next to the new room sign, holding the old sign.