Garden Club

The Garden Club introduce students to home gardening and the enjoyment of wild birds. The student involvement includes the overall planning of the gardens, preparation of the grounds and beds for planting, planting of the beds and grounds, maintenance of the gardens and trees, the economics of the operation of the Club and the harvesting and distribution of the rewards of God’s bounty. The club will plant vegetables, fruit, flowers, shrubs and trees. The birder piece is to embrace the enjoyment of feeding, caring for and observing birds in their natural habitat. The work, both physical and intellectual, is the responsibility of the students, under adult supervision.
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Garden Club

Current Wish List & Goals

We hope to attract birds by getting a bird feeder for every classroom. By having the bird feeders, we will feed and the birds and in the spring we will help with nesting. The students will then be able to watch the birds and make a list of all the different bird species spotted in the garden.

Annual maintenance and planting our current beds (9 beds)$ 45.00/bed

Construction and establishing new raised beds (8 beds) $140.00/bed

Establishing Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden$300.00

New Bird Feeding Stations – one station per classroom (Shepherd pole, feeder & seed for one year) $120.00/Sta.

Annual maintenance of each of our bird feeding stations $ 25.00

Cucumber trellis $ 60.00

Art wall (Area to hang student art work) $150.00

Reestablishing fruit orchard $250.00

Limestone for constructing garden walls  $300.00

Grow lights (for students to plant seeds & care for seedlings prior to planting in Garden $125.00 per light) $375.00

Irish Cross flower bed $500.00

Garden shed $900.00

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Lowe’s of Dublin

Oakland Nursery