staffOur Faculty

Saint Brigid of Kildare teachers work on grade level teaching teams and with professional learning committees to advance their knowledge of Catholic identity, unit design, feedback, and assessment. Mentor teachers work with entry level teachers over a four year period. Teachers at Saint Brigid of Kildare School employ a myriad of instructional methods to help students from all grades reach their full potential.

2021-2022 Faculty List


Kathleen O’Reilly, Principal,
Cindy Lombardo, Vice Principal,
Jill Carfagna, Assistant Principal and Director of Student Learning,
Sandy Peecook, School Office Manager,
Megan Wachalec, Admissions Director,


Hillary Harper, preschool director,
Deb Funk, preschool teacher and aide,
Mary Curtin, preschool teacher,
Gretchen O’Reilly, preschool teacher,
Kris McKenna, preschool teacher,
Katie Sachs, preschool teacher,
Annie Knapke, preschool aide
Jennifer Matthews, preschool aide
Cheryl Hohlefelder, preschool aide


Kathy Hare, kindergarten teacher,
Kathy Stuart, kindergarten teacher,
Brittany Katona, kindergarten teacher,
Andrea Grundei, kindergarten instructional support teacher,
Jen Schehr, intervention specialist,
Bernadette Dinehart, paraprofessional
Amy Sudduth, paraprofessional
Marianne Gray, paraprofessional

1st-2nd Grade Team

Molly Long, 1st grade teacher,
Rachel Riendeau, 1st grade techer,
Ellen Faler, 2nd grade teacher,
Melissa Holloway, 2nd grade teacher,
Shelley O’Neil, 1st grade instructional support teacher,
Marcia Springer, 2nd grade instructional support teacher,
Jen Schehr, intervention specialist,
Gladys Ruz, educational support assistant
Mimi Moeller, 1st grade paraprofessional
Kathleen Dodd, 2nd grade paraprofessional

3rd-4th Grade Team

Christine Gutridge, 3rd grade teacher,
Brittany Ford, 3rd grade teacher,
Karen DeLucia, 4th grade teacher,
Sara Wolfe, 4th grade teacher,
Mackenzie Veeder, instructional support teacher,
Erin Mazon, intervention specialist,
Andrea O’Reilly, educational support assistant
Teri Squillace, 3rd grade paraprofessional
Linda Gelhaus, 4th grade paraprofessional

5th-6th Grade Team

Jackie Friesner, 5th grade teacher,
Kathy Wodarcyk, 5th grade teacher,
Nick Byorth, 6th grade teacher,
Sue Kessler, 6th teacher,
Jill Cecutti, instructional support teacher,
Jeremy Johnson, intervention specialist,
Maryann Heffernan, educational support assistant
Karen Sullivan, paraprofessional

7th-8th Grade Team

Sara Hardin, 7th grade teacher,
Chris Mazon, 7th grade teacher,
Paula Thompson, 8th grade teacher,
Jen Maschari, 8th grade teacher,
Shelley Regrut, 7th and 8th grade teacher,
Colleen Zetzer, intervention specialist,
Jenny Ventresco, educational support assistant
Sherry Collins, paraprofessional

Special Area Teachers

Rachel Jordan, physical education,
Kerinan Jordan, innovation team,
Crystal Bensonhaver, music teacher,
Larrie Habel, art teacher,
Bridget DeSocio, innovation team and library teacher,
Marta Regan, spanish teacher,
Nathan Graham, innovation team and band teacher,
Marcia Kelty, library assistant
Tina Hendricks, library assistant

Academic Support Services

Stacie Williams, guidance counselor,
Megan Bouscher, occupational therapist,
Amanada Ghiloni, occupational therapist,
Erin Russell, speech/language pathologist,
Angela Francis, vision therapy,
Allison Mensching, school nurse (Mon-Thurs),
Mary Rowland, school nurse (Fri),


All paid staff must have on file both BCI and FBI background checks and must attend “Protecting God’s Children.”