What Our Alumni Say

Being a graduate of Saint Brigid School has allowed me to be a part of a family that has continued to influence my life well beyond my years as a student. It is because of the morals and values that were taught to me, as well as the encouragement and support that was given to me during my years as a student that has given me the confidence and skills to succeed and most importantly allowed me to strengthen my faith. Saint Brigid is a place where children are motivated and inspired to become life long learners. Being able to come back to teach Saint Brigid is truly like coming back home.

–Karen Partridge, 2002 Saint Brigid of Kildare Alum


After 24 years of my life, I still reminisce on the effect that Saint Brigid of Kildare School had on my life. Saint Brigid is a place that enables you to grow academically, socially, and most significantly, spiritually. Academically, the Saint Brigid staff teaches you the foundations and habits that will be crucial to success in high school and beyond. The relationships you establish at Saint Brigid will be everlasting and a crucial part of your childhood. The single aspect that makes Saint Brigid a special place is its focus around faith. Saint Brigid has taught me and encouraged me to reflect every single day on the blessings God has provided for me and my family. Saint Brigid has been and always will be one of the few places that I can call my home.

–Brendan Walsh, 2003 Saint Brigid of Kildare Alum


As a graduate of St. Brigid, I could not imagine a better place to begin my career as an educator. My time as a student at St. Brigid taught me to be a compassionate, dedicated and confident Catholic individual. The teachers at St. Brigid challenge and encourage students to grow in all aspects of life. It is a positive and stimulating environment that promotes cultural awareness and the opportunity to share our faith with each other as well as the community. I am excited to have the opportunity to instill in my students the same life-long love of learning that was cultivated in me in my time as a Wolfhound.

–Megan Byorth, 2005 Saint Brigid of Kildare Alum


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