Our emphasis on faith, family, and community is a thread that runs throughout everything we do. We understand that, accompanied with strong academic foundations, children also need and deserve strong foundations in the Catholic faith, morality, decision-making, and social justice.

Students explore our Catholic faith through lessons and activities in Scripture, sacraments, prayer, Church teachings, and morality. Below are just some of the daily, weekly and yearly traditions we participate in to integrate our Catholic faith.

Faith Daily:

  • Every day begins with prayer
  • Students pray when classes change, before lunch, and at the end of the day
  • Religion classes are held daily at an age-appropriate level
  • Students mark the seasons of the liturgical year, which are even reinforced daily in our Catholic daily planner for students

Faith Weekly:

  • Students attend Mass every week and participate in the Holy Eucharist
  • Every Friday at noon, the school children stop and pray the traditional noon prayer, the Angelus.  

Faith Yearly:

  • Students pray the Rosary together as a school in October and May
  • Our saint heroes are observed throughout the liturgical year
  • Favorite Masses of the year include our back-to-school Mass, our patronal Mass honoring Saint Brigid, our Marian Masses, and our end-of-the-year Leadership Mass and Graduation Mass  
  • 1st grade children create and wear symbols of the saints during our All Saints’ Day Mass
  • Students participate in a sacramental preparation program in second grade as they prepare for their First Reconciliation and their First Communion
  • In 8th grade students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation
  • Children join in school-wide collections for those in need, and learn to help others by sharing what they have
  • Students pray the Stations of the Cross weekly during Lent
  • Our school cafeteria lunches are without meat every Friday during Lent
  • Advent, Christmas and Easter songs are learned in music class
  • Saint Nicholas comes to visit on (or near) Saint Nicholas Day and delivers children a treat
  • The Lessons and Carols Christmas concert is a beautiful Advent tradition for our 5th-8th grade students
  • Kindergarten and 2nd grade students participate in Nativity plays
  • Children attend Ash Wednesday Mass participate in traditional Lenten practices
  • Our 2nd grade students participate in a “sock-baby Baptism” to learn about the sacrament of Baptism
  • Students participate in a May Crowning Mass in May, which honors our 2nd and 8th grade children
  • Students and teachers evaluate childrens’ progress in living discipleship on quarterly report cards
  • Parent volunteers commit to dedicated prayers for our teachers and staff to offer them support and strength