Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund

Ohio Tax Credit Program for Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO)

Give the gift of Catholic education while receiving a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Ohio taxes.

Through the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund, Ohio taxpayers may donate to a K-12 Catholic school to be used for tuition scholarships based on financial need. The donor then receives a dollar-for-dollar non-refundable tax credit on their Ohio state tax return up to $750 ($1,500 if married and filing jointly).

This program helps make Catholic education accessible and affordable while giving donors the power to put their tax dollars to work to lead children to an encounter with Christ.

Who is an SGO?

The Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund (under the Diocesan Education Corporation) is certified as an SGO by the Ohio Attorney General. This fund solely benefits students in the Diocese of Columbus Catholic Schools.

All donations will be managed through the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund. Parishioners, family, and friends of St. Brigid of Kildare can donate and directly designate St. Brigid of Kildare School as the recipient of their donation. If you choose not to designate a school, the money will be used in a general fund for financial aid for diocesan students based on need.

How do I donate?


Use the drop-down box to designate St. Brigid of Kildare School.


Please make to: Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund

Mail to: Office of Catholic Schools, 197 East Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215.

Note “St. Brigid of Kildare School” to designate dollars.

You will receive a mailed receipt directly from the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund for use in the preparation of your Ohio taxes that will allow you to receive the credit. Keep this receipt and submit it when filing your 2023 state tax returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can donate to the Emmaus Road Scholarship fund?

Anyone can donate to the scholarship! Only taxpayers will receive a tax credit. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about your specific eligibility.

How much can I donate?

There is no gift too big or too small! For purposes of the tax credit, $750 per person per year ($1,500 for those married filing jointly) can be claimed.

Can I donate to a specific school?

Yes! Donations for specific schools are accepted, which keeps the dollars at that school. Please indicate this on your check and on the school designation box online. Low-income students in the designated school will be prioritized. You cannot donate to a specific student.

How do I qualify for a tax credit?

To qualify for the tax credit you need to file an Ohio tax return and have an Ohio tax liability. When you file your taxes you will need documentation of your donation, which the Office of Catholic Schools will generate and mail to you. Please make sure to keep this receipt.

Is the amount a tax deduction?

Your donation is a tax credit! A tax credit can reduce the amount of tax you owe, dollar for dollar, whereas a tax deduction only reduces the amount of your income before calculation of the tax you owe.

How do I get the credit?

The credit should be entered on your Ohio Tax Return Schedule of Credits, line 15.

What year does the tax credit apply for?

Donations received or postmarked by December 31 will be receipted for that tax year. For example, if you donate to the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund during the 2023 calendar year, then you will receive the tax credit on your 2023 tax return when you file your taxes in the spring of 2024.

Do I get a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes. The Office of Catholic Schools will generate and mail donor receipts in accordance with tax credit and charitable gift qualifications for tax purposes. Please keep this receipt and submit when filing your taxes.

Can I participate in more than one tax credit?

Yes. As long as you have enough of a state tax liability, you can “stack” tax credits (subject to State of Ohio limits). Please note that a taxpayer’s aggregate tax liability (against which this SGO tax credit is applied) may be reduced by other credits before the SGO credit is applied (see the Ohio Department of Taxation’s Schedule of Credits by clicking here). Contact your tax advisor with additional questions or for further assistance.

Can I still itemize?

Those who itemize may still claim additional charitable donations on state and federal taxes AND receive the Ohio tax credit.


Contact Sarah Moore at (614) 761-3734 or smoore@stbrigidofkildare.org.

For more information on this program, visit the diocesan website at www.emmausroadscholarship.org or charitable.ohioago.gov