EdChoice Application Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to apply, and view the flyer below for more information about this program and how it may impact you (and for a printable checklist).

There will also be someone available at Meet the Teacher on Tuesday, August 22 from 4-6 PM to answer any questions you may have about EdChoice.

We are asking that all families* desiring any tuition assistance apply for EdChoice. This will allow us to reallocate our scholarship, grant, and aid dollars to ensure families receive maximum support. 

*If your child is a Jon Peterson scholarship recipient, please continue to apply for the Jon Peterson scholarship instead of the EdChoice scholarship. This will allow our school to maximize Peterson services and continue to provide the individualized and specialized services needed to thrive and succeed.

To apply for an EdChoice scholarship for the 2023-24 school year:

Email the following documents to edchoice@stbrigid-school.org:

  • A complete Scholarship Request Form for EACH eligible student in grades K-8 who is enrolled in our school for 2023-24. PLEASE NOTE: the student’s name on the application must match the birth certificate exactly.
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • A current proof of address (see acceptable documents here) (this must be in the applicant’s name and address, which must match exactly the name and address on the Scholarship Request Form.)
  • This Check Deposit Consent Form (if you do not complete this form, you will need to come in each month to manually sign the back of the EdChoice check).

Then complete the income verification process online:

The deadline to complete these steps is September 30, 2023.

Any application received after this date will be awarded at a pro-rated amount by the Department of Education and Workforce.

Eligibility Requirements:
Please note, in order to continue to receive your scholarship, children may not have more than 20 unexcused absences per year (click here for a definition of unexcused absences) and are required to complete the STAR assessments in grades K-8 and the Ohio state science test in grades 5 and 8, as given by the school.

If you have any questions, please email edchoice@stbrigid-school.org or call (614) 718-5825.