Our Philosophy:

Saint Brigid of Kildare Preschool strives to ensure that each of our students are happy, confident, and engaged learners while attending our program. Our curriculum is Catholic faith-based and play-based to prepare all students to enter kindergarten with a solid foundation of social and academic skills. Our dedicated and friendly teachers work together with families to cultivate an environment where all students feel safe and have their unique needs met.

2024-25 Preschool Schedule

Below is the 2024-25 preschool schedule. Click here to see the current calendar of preschool events.

Tuition rates listed below are 2023-24 rates. 2024-25 tuition rates will be available in spring of 2024.

Which Class is Right For Your Child?

Wondering which class is the best fit for your child? Click below to view a flyer with our 24-25 preschool schedule, a guide for choosing the best class, and answers to frequently asked preschool questions.

Sign Up for a Preschool Tour

If you would like to sign up for a preschool tour with Hillary Harper, preschool director, please contact her at mrs.harper@stbrigid-school.org or (614) 718-5825.

Current Calendar

To view the current preschool calendar page, click here.


To register for preschool, fill out the application instructions found here.

What if I need transportation to and from preschool?

Saint Brigid of Kildare Preschool understands that parents may need transportation in order to send their children to our three-hour preschool program. Several local child care centers offer transportation to our program. Some of them include:

“We are very proud and grateful that our children have attended St. Brigid of Kildare Preschool.  The teachers are dedicated experts, who each demonstrate a deep and genuine passion for the students’ social, emotional, spiritual, and academic development.  The program has had a very positive impact on our children and deepened our family’s connection to the parish community.  We are forever grateful, and we highly recommend St. Brigid  of Kildare Preschool.”
-Anne and Michael Flock

“St. Brigid Preschool creates a warm, welcoming and faith-filled atmosphere in which all of our children have thrived both academically and socially. The teachers have a unique ability to get students excited about learning, while at the same time reaching each child individually and addressing their specific needs. We feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.”
-Anna and Matt Blouir

“Our 6th child is in his final year, and our family’s 10th year, of attending St. Brigid Preschool, and we are certainly going to miss it! Our children have loved this warm, family environment that helped them understand God’s love and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.  The experienced teachers have provided wonderful advice on how to help each of our children learn and grow academically, socially, and spiritually.  Furthermore, our involvement in the preschool has enhanced our family’s participation at other parish events, especially Mass, because we can worship alongside new friends!”
-Erin and Tom Heise

Curriculum Goals:

Our curriculum addresses cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the whole child, all in a Catholic environment that will further enhance and facilitate the growth and development of each child. We pride ourselves on:

  • Providing our students with a sense of self-worth as God’s children while enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem in all learners
  • Encouraging students to successfully function in a group of peers through
    cooperation, sharing, friendship and values
  • Offering experiences that support and encourage emerging literacy
  • Providing concrete experiences with learning activities and problem-solving
  • Fostering an environment that nurtures and values the development of children as individuals, and acknowledges and develops the curiosity and enthusiasm inherent in all young children
  • Modeling a cooperative and supportive partnership between children, teachers and parents, and establishing a positive connection between home and school

Unique Features (during a normal school year):

  • Visits to the church
  • Library visits for story time
  • End of year family picnic
  • Music teacher and special music programs
  • Weekly gym time
  • 4th grade buddies for 3-day classes and PreK


Teachers at St. Brigid Preschool are qualified in early childhood education with extensive practical experience working with young children. The staff/child ratios at St. Brigid Preschool surpass the Ohio Department of Education Standards (ODE).

All classes have at least a 9:1 child to teacher ratio, with many classes having an even lower child-to-teacher ratio.

Kindergarten Readiness

The Ohio Department of Education has published on their website a readiness checklist for parents, which you can view by clicking here. This may help give you an idea of what the state considers important milestones for determining kindergarten readiness.


Contact preschool director Hillary Harper at (614) 718-5825 or mrs.harper@stbrigid-school.org