School Endowment Fund:
“Our Children, Our Faith, Our Future”

Saint Brigid of Kildare School Endowment Fund

The Saint Brigid of Kildare School endowment fund was created in 2012 to establish our own independent financial model to sustain the ever-increasing costs of Catholic education. We are committed to providing a Catholic education to every member of our parish who seeks it, regardless of financial ability. Our campaign, “Our Children, Our Faith, Our Future,” seeks to help our school build upon its solid foundation of faith, education, and community to create a future for our children for years to come.

Cost-Based Tuition, Need-Based Assistance

Saint Brigid of Kildare School operates on a “cost-based tuition, need-based assistance” model. This plan allows our parish and school to efficiently utilize the parish’s limited resources, to better identify those families who need assistance, and to effectively deliver that assistance to those in need.

The model has functioned effectively since the opening of our school. However, as operational costs continue to rise, we recognize that rising tuition costs will put an even greater strain on our school parents in the years ahead. In order to fulfill our mission and to keep Saint Brigid of Kildare an affordable “parish school,” rather than a costly and selective “private school,” tuition must be kept at an affordable level.

The Saint Brigid of Kildare School Endowment Fund has been established to accomplish this goal. Endowment gifts will allow us to keep tuition at an affordable level and to serve all parish families who hope for a Catholic education for their children. Catholic education can be sustained and can continue to flourish in our parish, with your generous assistance.

You are the Future of Catholic Education. Please Join Us.

We have the resources and professionals to help you make a significant impact on the Saint Brigid of Kildare School Endowment Fund through a cash or planned gift.

Please contact:
Sarah Moore, Development Director, Saint Brigid of Kildare Parish
7179 Avery Road. Dublin, OH 43017