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Gifts of Gratitude 21-22

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Gifts of Gratitude

Gifts of gratitude was established by the Home and School Association as a united effort to provide a generous monetary gift to every school and parish teacher and staff member at Christmas and the end of the year to thank them for all they do for our children.

Why participate?
This is a convenient way for families to make sure that each teacher, aide, and staff member who touches your child’s life is recognized for all they do at St. Brigid.  Instead of several small gifts from each student, each teacher and staff member will receive a monetary gift that they choose how to use–whether they want to splurge on themselves or help with their own family’s expenses.

Will my family be recognized for participating?
Yes — the teachers and staff will receive a list of families who participate in this program.  You may also let the teachers and staff know that you participated in the program by marking “G.O.G” inside your Christmas card.

How much do I give?
The suggested annual gift amount is $25 per child once a year, however any given amount is graciously accepted!

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Home & School

Home & School is the parent volunteer association at Saint Brigid of Kildare School. The Home & School Association strives to enrich the Catholic School experience for students and their families by providing a volunteer base and money for supplemental programs, fun activities, staff appreciation and classroom equipment for St. Brigid School.  Some of our events and programs include Barn Bash, Pizza Bingo, Field Day, Uniform Exchange, Library Volunteers, and much more!

How we’re funded: Home & School is funded entirely by contributions made to the Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund is a once a year contribution that covers the costs of after school programs, extracurriculars, school performances and field trips organized by Home & School. We do not hold any fundraisers – we won’t ask your children to sell things like wrapping paper, magazines or candy because our tuition rates and Annual Fund cover the costs of all extra activities.

How to get involved: Volunteer opportunities and positions are described below.  If you have an interest in participating in any of these areas, please view our sign up below to view the opportunities available.

Volunteer requirements: All Home and School volunteers must complete the Safe Environment volunteer requirements including completion of Protecting God’s Children. For more information, visit, and search “safe environment.”

Home & School 2020-21 Meeting Dates (all meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice):

Wed, Sept 9 — 7 pm

Wed, Oct 7 — 10 am

Wed, Nov 4 — 7 pm

Wed, Dec 2—10 am

Wed, Jan 6 — 10 am

Wed, Feb 3 — 10 am

Wed, Mar 3 — 7 pm

Wed, Apr 7 — 10 am

Wed, May 5— 10 am