Preparing for the Solar Eclipse, April 8

In anticipation of the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, St. Brigid of Kildare School will be closed. Delaware County residents will have a front-row seat to view the total solar eclipse from 3:08—3:19 p.m. 

If skies are clear, viewers can expect to feel a slight dip in air temperature as the sun’s light is dimmed. Bright stars or planets may shine through the darkened daytime sky. A moment of quiet may follow as animals take notice of the change and grow calm. 

Cities in or near the path of the total eclipse are preparing for an influx of travelers and traffic. Planners anticipate that those traveling to and through Delaware County could double the county’s population on the day of the eclipse causing increased demand on food and fuel. You may see drivers pulling over to view the event from the shoulder of the road.  

Without proper eye protection, it is not safe to view the eclipse. Our school has purchased enough viewing glasses for all of our students in preschool – grade 8. We have also purchased one extra pair for each family so that a parent may also view. The extra pair will go home with the youngest and only.  

This is an exciting educational event for our children — see the flyers at the link below to learn more about the eclipse and how to safely view with young children.

North American Total Eclipse of the Sun – Information Sheet

Preparing for the Eclipse with Young Children

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