8th Grade Drive-In Graduation Event

Last Friday, May 22, Saint Brigid of Kildare School staff planned a drive-in graduation event to celebrate our eighth grade students and honor their hard work, leadership and commitment to our school community.
We had an unusual yet special celebration (with many rules…but it still included many of our traditions!). Families of 8th grade students drove in to the school parking lot Friday evening where we began with the graduation celebration. Following this, the graduate only was asked to step outside of the car, stand in front of his/her own car with a cell phone flashlight, and joined together in singing “Go Light Your World.” Sound for the program and the movie was played through car radios. Following the song there was a short pause, then our feature film Aladdin was shown. Families brought their own food and snacks and were asked to stay in their cars.
We were excited to have found a creative solution to celebrate our graduates, and it was so great that we were able to be together as a community — even with the many social distancing rules!
May Saint Brigid continue to bless our 8th grade students. We pray for their continued success in their high school years.